Climbing to achieve a goal


My tent was pitched about a mile away from the base of the Devils Tower in Wyoming. Shortly after stepping into a local climbing gym in Minneapolis, MN, I set a goal of climbing the tower for myself. After a few years of training, a few short hours of sleep, and a 3am start time, we set out to make this dream become a reality! Making our way to the base of the tower with our headlamps leading the way, we climbed to the top of the first pitch just in time to see the sun rise. The next five hours were spent climbing in the 90-degree F sunlight with absolutely no shade to be found. Eventually, we finally reached the summit, completely exhausted and without water. After making our way to the bottom, for some much needed water and relaxation, I turned to take one last look at the tower, and somehow it looked quite different to me. It no longer looked larger than life and out of reach. And at that moment I started planning my next big adventure.

Corey Swanson - USA

Corey is an outdoor enthusiast and the creator of Wild Living Magazine. You may reach him on