The morning surprise

Sometimes during your travels you find yourself in situation, where you have nowhere to sleep for the night and you have to find a place quickly. In our case it was Airbnb, which gave us a nice surprise.

We started our trip that day in the national waterfall park in Plitvice, Croatia. The plan was to ride our motorbikes all the way up to Austria. But there was one small problem. We had no accommodation booked for the night. Having realized this,  I frantically started looking for something along our route in Austria. Finally, I found something between Graz (which was sold out due to festival) and Vienna (which was simply too far away). The AirBnb listing only had one picture of a plain old building.  We didn't expect much. All we wanted was a place to crash for the night. We arrived at this place quite late - at 11 PM and it was already completely dark. Next day I woke up, visited bathroom and as I was walking back to bed this amazing balcony view welcomed me. Not too shabby of a surprise.

Grzegorz Bonter - Poland

Grzegorz has traveled all over Europe on this motorbike and is now about to set off on an incredible journey through Asia. Follow his adventures on